Proof Presidential Dollars

In addition to the coins minted for general circulation, the United States Mint also produces Proof Presidential Dollars (Buy on eBay). These specially minted coins are issued within annual sets or other numismatic products created for collectors.

A proof version of each coin within the series is expected to be available. The coins are released on the same schedule as the circulating coins, but generally all four annual designs are released at the same time at the beginning of the year.

Proof quality coins are created by the US Mint through a special production process. The coins are struck multiple times from specially prepared dies, which create sharp features and a cameo finish. The raised design elements appear frosted, while the background fields appear mirrored. As a result, the portraits and lettering appear to float on reflective, liquid-like fields. All proof coins are currently produced at the San Francisco Mint and bear the “S” mint mark.

The Proof Presidential Dollars have been incorporated into a number of different annual sets and products:

  • Annual Proof Sets (2007-2016)
  • Annual Silver Proof Sets (2007-2016)
  • American Legacy Collections (2007-2008)
  • Presidential Dollar Proof Sets (2007-present)
  • Individual Presidential Dollar Proof Coins (2007-2008)
  • Presidential Dollar Historical Signature Sets (2007-2008)

Third party coin grading companies such as PCGS and NGC will encapsulate Proof Presidential Dollars and assign a grade. Because of the special minting process, higher grades are possible, with many coins receiving the top grade of PCGS PR70DCAM or NGC PF 70 Ultra Cameo.

Proof Presidential Dollar Mintages

2007-S George Washington 3,965,989
2007-S John Adams 3,965,989
2007-S Thomas Jefferson 3,965,989
2007-S James Madison 3,965,989
2008-S James Monroe 3,083,940
2008-S John Quincy Adams 3,083,940
2008-S Andrew Jackson 3,083,940
2008-S Martin Van Buren 3,083,940
2009-S William Henry Harrison 2,809,452
2009-S John Tyler 2,809,452
2009-S James K. Polk 2,809,452
2009-S Zachary Taylor 2,809,452
2010-S Millard Fillmore 2,224,613
2010-S Franklin Pierce 2,224,613
2010-S James Buchanan 2,224,613
2010-S Abraham Lincoln 2,224,613
2011-S Andrew Johnson 1,972,863
2011-S Ulysses S. Grant 1,972,863
2011-S Rutherford B. Hayes 1,972,863
2011-S James Garfield 1,972,863
2012-S Chester Arthur 1,486,680
2012-S Grover Cleveland (1st) 1,486,680
2012-S Benjamin Harrison 1,486,680
2012-S Grover Cleveland (2nd) 1,486,680
2013-S William McKinley 1,488,857
2013-S Theodore Roosevelt 1,488,857
2013-S William Howard Taft 1,488,857
2013-S Woodrow Wilson 1,488,857
2014-S Warren Harding 1,373,569
2014-S Calvin Coolidge 1,373,569
2014-S Herbert Hoover 1,373,569
2014-S Franklin D. Roosevelt 1,373,569
2015-S Harry S. Truman 1,271,377
2015-S Dwight D. Eisenhower 1,271,377
2015-S John F. Kennedy 1,271,377
2015-S Lyndon B. Johnson 1,271,377